Foundation Repair

Our approach to foundation repair is unique compared to other companies in that we actually solve the problem instead of “repairing” or patching something that is already cracked, bowed, or settled.

A Permanent Fix

More homeowners are choosing EHM for their foundation needs because we recognize the need for a permanent fix, while other companies offer repairs which cost are close to or exceed a replacement cost. EHM addresses the cause of foundation failure and providing the remedy instead of a quick fix where your problems eventually resurface again and again.

Most foundation problems are a result of soil conditions under your foundation or sub-grade, and water. Cracks, bowing, and buckled walls and floor are commonly caused by poor soil conditions, improper water deviation and ultimately hydrostatic pressure.

Hydrostatic pressure is the force that is exerted on your foundation from the weight of the standing water.

Finding The Right Fix For Your Foundation

EHM has many methods to address foundation repair. Before we can correct the issue we must first determine the issues causing the problems. EHM works with a team of Soil and Structural Engineers to help determine the issue and a repair and replacement options.

EHM will evaluate:

  • Proper yard grading and drainage
  • Foundation waterproofing and drainage
  • Soil conditions
  • Wall and slab movement
  • Cracking and settling

Reasons to fix your foundation issues:

  • It’s not going to go away, the longer you wait the worse it gets
  • Damage and loss of basement space will happen over time
  • Foundation issues will move upstairs  and damage drywall, trim, flooring windows and door operations
  • There is a possibility of major structural damage to foundations, brick and steel beams
  • With cracks allows access of water and insects into basement area
  • Loss of resale value of home
  • Mold