United States Department of the Interior
National Park Service: Outer Banks Group

Department of the Interior letter of recommendation for Expert House Movers

Warsaw Chamber of Commerce

The Warsaw Chamber of Commerce understands that you are considering the undertaking of the movement of a building. We would like to express to you our satisfaction with Expert House Movers of St. Louis. They just finished moving and 1855 solid masonry building for us. The building weighed over 120 tons, had 12 inch thick walls and was 3 bricks thick.

Warsaw has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1978 due to its many buildings of architectural significance. Because of this we felt that we needed to preserve an 1855 building that was on the riverfront that was in danger of flooding. In 1993, it was spared but not by much. The movement was up a steep hill to the main street of Warsaw. Expert House Movers did a very professional job, both with their work and their handling of details. They indeed impressed the citizens of Warsaw who watched them work. We feel that you can put your trust in Expert House Movers, you will not be sorry.

Structures Design & Consulting, Inc.
Fort Myers, Florida 

Patrick H. Steele, Sr.
Historic Preservation Manager
City of Independence

The City of Independence used Expert House Movers, Inc. for the relocation of an historic 1879 frame railroad depot in 1996. Expert’s performance in relocating the Chicago and Alton depot was exemplary. The experience and standard of excellence which have earned Expert House Movers its notable reputation were evidenced by the safe, efficient and cooperative manner in which Expert moved the dilapidated depot from it original site to its new site at the National Frontier Trails Center for restoration.

As Manager of Independence’s Historic Preservation Division I feel confident that Expert House Movers, Inc. will perform your moving task to your complete satisfaction. I have been involved with the move of several historic buildings. The experience with Expert House Movers was the best of the lot. It is without hesitation that the Historic Preservation Division of the City of Independence recommends Expert House Movers, Inc. for any structural move.
Office of Planning & Economic Development
Springfield, Illinois 

Kim Morrissey
Project Manager
Johnson County, Kansas

I had the genuine pleasure of working with Expert Construction Co., Inc. & House Moving in October 1994. I was the project manager in charge of moving a house for the Johnson County Museums. The job sounded simple enough at first. As it turned out, the 1950′s ranch style house needed to be moved through five (5) cities and on a State highway.

I had attempted to negotiate with three house moving companies before I found Expert House Movers. The previous three could not perform the job for reasons varying from couldn’t get bonding, lack of insurance, difficulty of scope, time frame, etc. Expert House Movers submitted a cost proposal in late September, provided bonding and insurance certificates, acquired permits and completed the house move by October 19.

The Matyikos were very professional, performed the move two weeks before the deadline, within the contract price and delivered the house in good condition. They were very helpful in providing options and alternatives when difficulties arose.

I feel fortunate to have had Expert Construction Co., Inc. & House Movers on our team. They will be my first phone call if I am involved in another house moving project.

Gary R. Rozek
National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library


Steve W. Etcher
Executive Director
Boonslick Regional Planning Commission

As project manager for the community relocation project within the Village of Rhineland, Missouri I have had numerous dealings with John Matyiko and Expert House Movers. It has been my experience that the work performed by Expert House Movers has been exemplary.

The magnitude of the relocation project in Rhineland is overwhelming. The performance of Expert House Movers in this project has been extremely professional. The work is being completed in a very timely manner, the homes are moved with grace and ease, and the complaints from the residents have been non-existent. Expert House Movers have been fully cooperative and understanding of construction schedules and have adjusted their schedules for the convenience of the community. The work is done with utmost safety, care, and precision.

I have enjoyed working with Expert House Movers and would highly recommend them to any other community or persons needing this service.

Ron J. Padgett
Padgett Building & Remodeling Co.


James A. Morocco
Resident Engineer
Department of Defense

I’m writing to thank you for the highly professional, dedicated service performed by Expert House Movers as part of the relocation of the Southeast Lighthouse at Block Island. Your expertise was instrumental in the success of the 250 foot trip taken by the 120 year old structure consisting of a 5 story masonry tower attached to a 2.5 story masonry dwelling. The design was the safest route and provided the most stability to this fragile piece of history. The site was amazingly safe, particularly in view of cramped quarters, numerous personnel and equipment, personnel living on site, the media interest, and approximately 5,000 visitors per month.

The quality of the work is directly attributable to yourself, your brothers John, Joe, Jim and your entire crew. You were a joy to work with and I hope our paths cross again.

Richard E. Lawrence
Siciliano, Inc.


Amanda & Bill Price
Brentwood, TN

My husband and I bought our home in Brentwood, TN, ten months before the 2010 Nashville Flood. After moving in, we spent the first nine months renovating our house, and after the flood, we spent twenty-three months restoring it.

On May 1, 2010, Nashville, TN, had 13 inches of rain. As the Little Harpeth River continued to rise and swell outside its banks, we watched as our neighbors fled their homes with backpacks, pets, and children in tow leaving all else behind. Because we live across the street a good 150 yards from the river, we never thought that our home would be next. However, the floodwaters did consume our home, and because our house was fully renovated, we were forced to either demolish the house and start over or to elevate the house above the flood plain. We chose to save our home and elevate.

Never having experienced mental shock prior to our home flooding, we were overwhelmed with the nightmare that stood before us. There were so many hurdles and bureaucratic red tape to swim through. We had more bad days than good and didn’t know how to proceed. The local municipality had never experienced a flood of this magnitude, so we became their learning curve.

I’ve never been one to shy away from the unknown. Since our contractor had never raised a house, I took the lead in our construction restoration project. I read every long, tedious FEMA flood document I could find. I watched YouTube videos on elevating masonry structures. I searched the Internet for similar flood stories and contacted many people across the U.S. that had experienced the same natural disaster as us. Amazingly, most of those victims that I spoke with ended their conversations with me with the following advice: “Don’t let this nightmare overtake you. You are about to experience the hardest trial you will ever go through, but if God is your God, He will walk you through it.” I was comforted by their faith and their willingness to share it with me, yet I had no idea how true their words would be until we truly grasped the depth of this restoration project.

After much research, I interviewed six local and three national house movers. Out of all nine, there were only two national companies that I thought were knowable enough for us to hire. We chose Expert House Movers after meeting John Matyiko. (His company was in town elevating other flooded homes in Franklin and Nashville.) His gentle mannerism with us helped soften what we experienced; yet he didn’t sugarcoat what he knew we would have to go through to get back home.  A true good ole boy, John was down to earth, and his responses were simplistic in nature. After 30 minutes of discussing our circumstances, John looked at me and asked, “Do you always ask this many questions?” I instantly knew that he was the man for the job! Any one who can answer all of my questions without being exasperated and then politely tell me to shut up is someone with whom I can work.

Expert House Movers was professional and prompt. They began working when the sun came up and didn’t leave our house until sundown. They met their deadlines and delivered on all of their promises. (I was worried about our brick cracking or falling off, but EHM guaranteed that the house would be level going up and coming down. They were right – no cracks and no lost bricks!) Joe, Jr., and John even gave us helpful advice for the construction project once the house was lowered from the cribbing back onto the new foundation.

When EHM returned to lower our house, we felt as though we had been holding our breath, and we finally could breathe again. Our returning to our home hinged on EHM’s work. We had complete faith and trust in their ability, and they didn’t let us down. They helped make the restoration process a little more bearable.

Having dealt with many sub-contractors in the last two years, EHM impressed me most in two ways: (1) The crew was courteous and respectful to me, my husband, and our two young daughters. I never felt as though our presence or questions were a hindrance to their work. Each person that we spoke with took the time to stop what he was doing and explain the procedure to us so that we were educated. They welcomed us into their work so that we could be a part of the re-building process. (2) They take pride in their work, and it was evident for all to see. This is the reason that they have been in business for so long. They are a four-generational-family-owned business. Their word is their guarantee. They quoted a price and a time and stuck to both. They delivered when no one else could.

If you have ever been through a traumatizing experience, then you will understand when I say that those who help you are woven into your family history and become like family to you. I watched as EHM packed their trucks, secured their cargo, and headed back to St. Louis at the completion of their work. I told my husband that my heart was a little sad to see them go as we were saying goodbye for the last time to our sweet friends Joe, Jr., John, and Frank. Thank you, Matyiko Brothers, for the excellent work you performed for us!

-Amanda & Bill Price


Larry D. Molohon, Jr.
Sales Manager
Galva-Foam Marine Industries

It is rare in today’s world to find quality contractors. It is even more challenging to find quality contractors willing to tackle difficult projects which have never been attempted.

We asked you to move five concrete building foundations and structures in Alton Illinois…you replied no problem. The we told you one unit would weight over 200 tons and you could only lift it at four precise locations…you again said no problem. Finally we mentioned that the units had to traverse a very steep launch ramp and end up floating in the Mississippi River. Not only did you take the job, you completed all phases of the operation on time and on budget. We were amazed at the skill, precision and pride your family brought to this project.

We wish all three generations of Matyikos continued success and look forward to the opportunity to work together on future projects.

C. Oral Lambert, Jr.
Chief of Staff
City of Virginia Beach

Over the past 20 years, Expert House Movers, Inc. and the Matyiko family, have successfully accomplished a number of building moves for the City of Virginia Beach. One of the moves that Expert House Movers accomplished, under contract to the City of Virginia Beach, was the relocation of the 24th Street Lifesaving Station. Work for the City of Virginia Beach has always been performed in a highly satisfactory manner, and I am pleased to recommend Expert House Movers, Inc. as an experienced and qualified contractor.

National Geographic
January 1997
Cape Cod Light House Goes for a Ride

“The Cape is wasting here on both sides,” Henry David Thoreau wrote in 1855 of the surf-pounded cliff under the Highland Light, a Cape Cod landmark. “Erelong, the lighthouse must be moved.”

“Erelong” is now. Last July workers jacked onto rails this 400-ton, 66-foot-high brick lighthouse, which in 1857 had replaced the one Thoreau saw. It took 20 days to roll it 453 feet back from the cliff. Now it’s a new hazard on a golf course. The original wood lighthouse began warning ships of shoals off the Truro bluffs in 1797. “Then there was 510 feet of cliff in front of the light,” says Robert Firminger of the Truro Historical Society, which persuaded the state of Massachusetts, the Coast Guard, and the National Park Service to save the landmark. “By last summer we were down to the last 100 feet.” The Highland Light now is back in operation.