Expert House Movers has moved all of the masonry lighthouses ever relocated in the United States!

In 1994 EHM relocated the Block Island Southeast Lighthouse in Rhode Island. The 3,500-ton structure was moved inland, away from an eroding bluff.

In 1999 EHM relocated the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse for the National Park Service. The 208′ tall, solid masonry structure weighed 5,000 tons, and was rolled 2,980 feet back from the eroding bluffs. The Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in North America, and the project was deemed the “move of the Century” by the International Association of Structural Movers. In 2000, EHM received the OPAL award from the Society of Civil Engineers for the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse project.


Sankaty Head Lighthouse IASM coverIn 2007 EHM moved the Sankaty Head Lighthouse in Nantucket, MA back off another eroding bluff. The 70′ structure weighed approximately 2,000 tons, and was moved 400 feet inland.