Commercial Relocation

Expert House Movers has the equipment and experience to tackle any moving, raising or shoring needs that you have in the commercial sector. We can translate that experience into the precise planning, engineering, timely execution and reliable follow up that it takes to make a large or small commercial project go smoothly and on schedule.

Shubert Theater IASM cover

The 2,908 ton Shubert Theater in Minneapolis, MN was moved one-quarter mile so that the city can redevelop the block it was originally located on.

Often in commercial construction, the lowest initial price from a subcontractor doesn’t come close to resembling the real number after you factor in unexpected cost over runs, money lost from blown deadline after blown deadline, or fines and work stoppages stemming from your subcontractor’s ignorance of OSHA and local safety laws. Take the time to factor in your movers’ past experience with jobs like yours, as well as their knowledge of how to deal with the different aspects of commercial construction like certified payroll, OSHA compliance, ability to be bonded for large jobs, working in a union environment, and being conscious of the big picture when working as a smaller part of a larger project.

Newark International Airport Terminal

Newark International Airport Terminal

Expert House Movers has done work at both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between. In 2001 we moved an airport terminal in Newark, NJ whose total weight came to 9,500 tons, and is the largest structural moving project to be completed in the United States in the last 15 years. We have moved more structures over 1,000 tons than any other mover in the country, and completed those jobs on time.

Whether it be a metal building, masonry building, slab on grade, frame construction, stone construction, plane, barge, one ton or 10,000 tons, we have the experience, the knowledge and the track record to prove we are the most qualified for the job.