Required Reading for EHM Fans & Friends!

Exciting news! Expert House Movers has been featured in the book Monster Moves: Adventures in Moving the Impossible. You can click here to purchase the book & DVD on Amazon. As seen on TV, this showcases moves from across the globe. Here’s one purchaser’s review:

I’ve always enjoyed the Monster Moves TV show – it’s fun and full of interesting engineering at the same time. The book is really well put together – loads of behind the scenes photos and stories that weren’t in the TV series. The free DVD is great too – I’ve been trying to get hold of the series on DVD here in the UK but can’t find it (although you can get it in Australia, I think). My kids (9 and 13) love all the big trucks and photos of the buildings moving through the countryside. My favourite one is the locomotive moving from South Africa to Glasgow – we went to see the train when we there in October. The new series on TV has a great episode about sinking a ship – I hope they bring out volume 2 of this book.

We are thrilled to be featured here and are grateful for the opportunity to tell our family’s story!

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