EHM on the front page of the Galveston Daily News

Six LC homes plagued by floods being elevatedEHM is featured on the front page of today’s The Galveston County Daily News.

In the article, EHM’s project manager, Bobby Fischer, EHM’s project manager, Bobby Fischer explains the process of lifting a League City home as part of a FEMA program to have homes elevated out of the severe flood range.

The four houses to be lifted in the Empress Lane neighborhood are from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet and weigh about 225 tons, said Bobby Fischer, project manager for Expert House Movers.
The lifting process does not disturb the inside of the house, he said. Tunnels are dug under the house, and jacks and pilings are put in place. The jacks are hooked up to a unified jack system, which ensures the house comes up evenly, Fischer said.”

EHM's Bobby Fischer featured in The Galveston County Daily News

Photo by Kevin M. Cox

Click here to read the full article, ‘Six LC homes plagued by floods being elevated,’ by Christopher Smith Gonzalez. 

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