Moving Quotes/Rates

The Matyiko family and its team of experienced professionals at Expert House Movers has the expertise to move or repair the foundation of nearly any building, church, or lighthouse safely and affordably.

Each job is unique, and while we can provide initial pricing quotes, the final rate is determined after a thorough review taking into account the varying dynamics that impact the overall cost of the move or repair.

  • Structural makeup: What type of structure, such as a frame home, brick veneer, solid masonry, a pole barn, or a steel building.
  • Location: Is your structure in a remote, wooded area or in the mountains? Or is it in a subdivision, in an urban setting, on a flat plain or on the side of a hill?
  • Work type: Whether is be a full structural move, elevating a home to provide foundation repair, raising a home out of flood plains, or leveling/shoring a structure.

Contact us to find out how affordably we can take care of your structural needs.

There is no job too big or small!