Our Equipment

unified hydraulic jacking systemExpert House Movers has the largest fleet of unified hydraulic jacking systems in the world. EHM has more than 20 unified hydraulic jacking machines, along with the largest single-unit jacking machine in the country with 110 ports. Our exclusive unified hydraulic jacking system locks up to 120 100-ton rams in unison, capable of safely and effectively making large irregular lifts. The unified hydraulic jacking system allows each jack to receive an equal volume of oil, no matter the weight or pressure, to raise your structure perfectly level from start to finish without cracking or distorting your structure in the process. With our unified hydraulic jacking system, 70 dollies and 22 self-propelled power dollies, all with 50-ton rams, we have what it takes to get your job done.

Interested in renting our equipment?

With the largest inventory of unified hydraulic jacking systems in the US (ranging from 6 to 60 units), EHM is the go-to resource for renting structural moving equipment. We offer 60 to 100 ton jacks, 22 power dollies, and 5 hydrostatic power units. EHM has 4 generations of experience to assist you in whatever move you are making. Contact us today to learn more about our first rate equipment!