Hydrocontrol Systems

EHM has teamed up with Hydrocontrol Systems so that we can offer you the best in moisture-free basements!

Hydrocontrol Systems Jansen Waterproofing

Hydrocontrol Systems, also known as Janssen Waterproofing, are the St. Louis regional premier provider of waterproofing products and services. They provide waterproofing services for new and existing construction. Services include spray-on foundation coatings, exterior and interior drainage systems and foundation repairs.

The Hydrocontrol Interior Drain System

The most effective sub-slab basement waterproofing system available today! Here’s how the Hydrocontrol System works:

Drain Tile SystemIn homes not protected by the Hydrocontrol Interior Drain System, a common cause of basement flooding is ground water under hydrostatic pressure entering at the intersection where the foundation wall and the floor slab meet (called the cove area).

Drain Tile System

Placement of the original, patented, Hydrocontrol Interior Drain System is the key to its unparalleled success. (You won’t see it, because it has been installed under the basement floor slab.)

Drain Tile SystemBecause the cove area is the exact location for placement of the Hydrocontrol System, if ground water is present, when it reaches this area, it is intercepted by the Hydrocontrol System, and the pressure is relieved. The water’s natural course is then through the Hydrocontrol System to the sump basin where it can be discharged.