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Hazard Mitigation is defined by FEMA as “sustained actions taken to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to people and property from hazards and their effects.”

If you are an employee of a local or state government and are looking to gain more information about your options in the hazard mitigation process, elevation and/or relocation are the most sustainable options for the mitigation of your community.

Reasons to choose elevation and/or relocation of the houses and buildings in your community:

  • Reduce risk of future flood damage
  • Preserves neighborhoods and vital housing
  • Preserves communities
  • Preserves essential property taxes which fund:
    • Emergency services
    • Road construction
    • Schools
    • Ultimate way to recycle—the average home relocated/elevated saves approximately 45 tons of debris from being piled in landfills. The “greenest” building is the one that is already there.

Hazard mitigation grants from FEMA are available as a result of a Presidential declared disaster or as a result of flood losses to homes insured under NFIP.

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