Hazard Mitigation

When disaster hits and your home is flooded, it’s easy to feel hopeless and like there is nothing that can be done.

Flooded home in Nashville, TNFlooded Neighborhood2010 Flood in Nashville, TN

Flooding is extremely destructive. It costs communities and our nation billions of dollars a year in damages. These circumstances demand the attention of government at all levels, the private sector, and individuals, to take steps to decrease hazard risks.

Flooding events are becoming more frequent and more intense. Due to a challenging economy, flood recovery is much more difficult than it was before the “great recession” in 2008.

The role of FEMA is to provide funds and management for disaster recovery as well as mitigation of flood risk from future events.

Members of the Expert House Movers team have been certified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in Hazard Mitigation. FEMA has reaffirmed EHM’s dedication to serve in a time of crisis.

Expert House Movers is certified in Hazard Mitigation by FEMA

We are here to educate you about your options and help you during the disaster recovery process.

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